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AesirX Analytics plugin for WordPress

How to Install the WordPress Analytics Plugin


  1.  A License key from https://dapp.shield.aesirx.io/licenses
  2.  WordPress site.


WordPress 6.3

PHP >= 7.4
WP Control plugin

Step 1

Download the Aesirx Analytics plugin for WordPress from https://github.com/aesirxio/wordpress-analytics-plugin/releases. 

Step 2

Log in to WordPress admin of your site and go to Plugins and Add new.


Step 3

Install the plugin and click on Activate the plugin which will lead you to settings. 

Step 4

In the configuration you will need to choose between Internal and External 1st party servers.



Step 5

The Consent radio is for allowing the Shield of Privacy on your site.


Step 6

Save settings.

Step 7

When all the configuration is set up under the left menu Dashboard you will see AesirX BI where you can monitor the events and traffic on your page.


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