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Install Guide on Drupal | AesirX Analytics

AesirX Analytics for Drupal

Requirements - Drupal 10, PHP >= 8.1

Step 1

If your site is managed via Composer, use Composer to download the aesirx_analytics module running composer require aesirx/aesirx_analytic.

Otherwise, copy/upload the aesirx_analytics module to the modules/custom directory of your Drupal installation.

Step 2

Enable the Aesirx Analytics under Extend (/admin/modules).


Step 3

Go to Configuration (/admin/config) and find the Aesirx Analytics under the Webservice for editing (/admin/config/services/aesirx_analytics).


Step 4

Edit the configuration for your requirements.

First, you will need to select if you are going to use Internal or External 1stParty server.

  • Internal - there will be a prompt to install the CLI Library which is necessary to have it all internal. Also, you will need to add the Licence Key for Aesirx Analytics from https://dapp.shield.aesirx.io/licenses.


  • External - You will need to add the URL of your external 1stParty server and enter the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET.



  • The Consent checkbox is for the Consent pop-up on the frontpage and Shield of Privacy option.

  • At the end of the configuration are Drupal specific options for tracking or removing tracking for specific pages and roles.


Save the configuration.

Step 5

Now you can go to  Reports / Aesirx Analytics Dashboard (/admin/aesirx_bi_dashboard) where you can monitor check and monitor the tracking.




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