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How to install AesirX Analytics

Server Setup

Before installing AesirX analytics, you must have the following installed 1st party server for AesirX Analytics:

1. Clone project from github

git clone

2. Clone the aesirx-1stparty.env.dist file into aesirx-1stparty.env and customize

2.1 You can choose not to customize anything.

2.2 If you have a separate MongoDB server, you can specify the credentials using the following variables:


2.3 You can choose to change the HTTP_PORT variable (default 80), which is the port that your 1st party server will listen to.

3. Execute docker compose up -d to run the full setup, including the MongoDB server.

Step-by-step guide:

1. Register your account at will then get an email for user creation account.

2. Activate your account by clicking verify in the email

3. Login to site to get the REACT_APP_CLIENT_SECRET and REACT_APP_LICENSE in your profile.


If you don't have any license, select one from our homepage.

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4. Enter domain and test domain of license. For example:


5. Install package in your NextJS App.

npm i aesirx-analytics

6. Replace the NEXT_PUBLIC_ENDPOINT_ANALYTICS_URL in the .env file in your NextJS app with the link to your 1st party server.

7. Using with next/router in app.js:

import { useRouter } from "next/router";
import { AnalyticsNext } from "aesirx-analytics";
<AnalyticsNext router={useRouter()}>

Track events:

import { trackEvent, AnalyticsContext } from "aesirx-analytics";
const CustomEvent = () => {
 const AnalyticsStore = useContext(AnalyticsContext);
 const initTrackEvent = async () => {
  await trackEvent(endPoint, AnalyticsStore.event_uuid, AnalyticsStore.visitor_uuid, referrer,
   event_name: "Submit",
   event_type: "submit",
   attributes: [
    { name: "<name-1>", value: "<value-1>" },
    { name: "<name-2>", value: "<value-2>" }
 return (
  <button on-Click={() => {initTrackEvent();}}> Search </button>

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