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AesirX Analytics plugin for Joomla

How to install AesirX Analytics

For more support on how to install AesirX Analytics for ReactJS, Web, NextJS, Shared Host, go to https://analytics.aesirx.io/install-guide/reactjs.

Setting up AesirX Analytics for Joomla Plugin


  1.  Set up and install docker at your local.

  2.  Install MongoDB


  • Joomla version 4.3.4 or newer
  • PHP >=7.2

Step 1

Download the latest release of the plugin from https://github.com/aesirxio/joomla-analytics-plugin/releases/.

Step 2

Log in to the Admin of the Joomla site. From the left menu click on System then under Install, click on Extensions.


Step 3

Upload the plugin and install it on your site.

Step 4

 After installing in the left menu, select Components and click on Aesirx Analytics to set up the configuration.


Step 5

 The initial options are Internal and External Aesirx 1st Party server,

  • For Internal, you will need to install the CLI Library and enter the CLIENT_IDCLIENT_SECRET and Licence for Aesirx Analytics from https://dapp.shield.aesirx.io/licenses
  • For External server, you will need to enter the Domain where your external Aesirx 1st Party server is running and also you will need to enter CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET from https://dapp.shield.aesirx.io/licenses


Step 6

 The Consent radio is for allowing the Shield of Privacy on your site.


Step 7

 After all configuration, you can go to Components => Aesirx Analytics where you will have access to the Analytics dashboard and see the tracking on your site.



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