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AesirX Analytics is our Open Source Analytics as a Service (AaaS) Solution

A powerful and compliant web Analytics platform (1st-party alternative to Google Analytics) that only collects 1st-party data to deliver meaningful customer insights for your organization. 

AesirX Analytics comes with a locally hosted JavaScript solution that gathers and stores data legally and compliantly in accordance with GDPR and other regional legislation including storage of citizens’ data in-country and 1st-party.

Easily install and integrate AesirX Analytics with AesirX BI (Business Intelligence) and get extensive insights to, respectfully, use visitor data for any effective and result-oriented digital marketing strategy, based on a data driven foundation.

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Open Source 1st-party data collection and storage, for FREE!

  •  1st-party hosted JavaScript Data Collector
  •  1st-party hosted analytics data storage
  •  Visitor / Behavioral / Event data / Conversion
  •  Analytics Snippet Customization
  •  1st Party Server
  •  Visitor Data Recollection
  •  Demographical Data Recollection
  •  Behavioral Data Recollection
  •  Event Data Recollection (coming soon)
  •  Conversion Data Recollection (coming soon)
  •  AesirX SSO (WEB3 Wallets) (coming soon)
  •  Cross-Site Privacy-First Tracking (coming soon)

  • Cross-Site AesirX Ads Delivery
  • Cross-Site AesirX Prediction
  • Cross-Site AesirX Pretargeting
  • Cross-Site AesirX Personalization
  • Cross-Site AesirX CustomerJourney
  • Cross-Site AesirX DataHub
  • Cross-Site AesirX Ecommerce
  • Cross-Site AesirX Mailflow

We provide the AaaS for free, with reasonable limitations, and also offer four tiers that are self-hosted/managed from only $49 per month as well as a fully hosted and managed Enterprise edition.

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Customer data and insights are needed by all businesses to provide relevant marketing
experiences. But what happens when that data is gathered illegally and disrespectfully.

aesirXlogo Analytics only collects valuable 1st-party data that won’t damage your reputation.


1st Party collected data

All data is collected through the AesirX JS Data Collector which is installed 1st-party on your website or application.


1st Party data storage

All data is stored locally on your compliant  1st-party hosting solution. You own the data from end to end.


Multi Site

Designed for easy integration into any existing website or application by simply adding the JavaScript locally (1st-party).


Reconnect the missing data

Fully GDPR compliant & built on privacy by design, AesirX Analytics & BI enables data driven marketing in a privacy-first world.


End to end service

Optional fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS), including hosting, management & 24/7 support.


Free open source JS

Free and Open Source, AesirX Analytics is built on React / NPM enabling 20 million JavaScript developers in instant legalization.

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Respect for customer data and privacy-first is the
foundation for any digital strategy! That's how the world
has become - privacy first is a requirement.

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How it works

Step 1: Download the Open Source PWA package and backend package which you can self deploy and host.
Step 2: Set up the configuration in the NPM installer and Customize it as you wish.
Step 3: Ensure that you have an active account on with the domain name registered and the configuration correctly filled out, and then we will automate the entire delivery through our AaaS.
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Switching is easy

Switching is easy, and you can finally say goodbye to
unethical Business Intelligence analytics and data that’s
collected illegally.


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Thomas Esmann - Tech CMO at AesirX

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