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1st Party

Install Guide on 1st Party | AesirX ANALYTICS

Server Setup

Before installing AesirX analytics, you must have the following installed 1st party server for AesirX Analytics:

Step 1

Clone project from github

git clone https://github.com/aesirxio/analytics-1stparty.git

Step 2

Clone the aesirx-1stparty.env.dist file into aesirx-1stparty.env and customize

  • You can choose not to customize anything.
  • If you have a separate MongoDB server, you can specify the credentials using the following variables:
    • DBUSER
    • DBPASS
    • DBHOST
    • DBPORT
    • DBNAME
  • You can choose to change the HTTP_PORT variable (default 80), which is the port that your 1st party server will listen to.

Step 3

Clone the .env.dist file into .env and customize

  • You can customize your ports:
    • HTTP_PORT: published port of the server. If you want your server to listen to a different port, this is the configuration that you need to change.
    • MONGO_PORT: published port for MongoDB
  • You can customize your DB settings (they need to be the same as in the aesirx-1stparty.env file).

Step 3

Execute docker compose up -d to run the full setup, including the MongoDB server.

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