Open Source 1st-party web Analytics for Developers

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Open Source 1st-party web Analytics for Developers

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Open Source 1st-party web Analytics for Developers

Are you a Developer who often makes data-led decisions when planning and building effective websites? AesirX Analytics is an Open Source 1st party web Analytics tool for developers and all marketers who use customer insights to provide meaningful customer experiences. This article provides all the information you need to install and start using AesirX Analytics.

open source 1st party web analytics for developers

AesirX Analytics: Benefits for Developers

  • Open Source - the source code is released free.
  • GitHub public community repository - an Internet hosting service for software development.
  • Model–View–ViewModel (MVVM) - helps organize code and break programs into modules to make development.
  • Easy deployment - just 15 minutes or less to install (skills depending). A step-by-step install guide is available on the website.
  • Multiple cloud solutions - AWS Hosting / Azure Cloud / Google Cloud deployable.
  • Unlimited frontend customization (PWA-powered) - a fully customizable frontend.
  • Change themes - personalize AesirX Analytics with an original design, match colors with any existing brand identity or tailor the theme to your client’s brand identity.
  • New technology - AesirX Analytics is the latest innovation in software.
  • Compliant technology - a MarTech stack that does not abuse customer data, only ever using 1st-party data.
  • Software that has longevity - releasing 20 new integrative solutions in a total of 2 years.
  • Friendly UI - not overly complicated, but with all necessary functions.
  • 25+ years experience - AesirX series is created by Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen, previously OSM board of directors and a noteworthy leader in the MarTech industry.

open source analytics for developers with benefitsOpen Source Analytics for Developers… with benefits

Client benefits

1. 1st-Party Data

All businesses require customer data and insights in order to provide relevant marketing experiences. But what happens when that data is obtained illegally and in a disrespectful manner? AesirX Analytics only gathers valuable 1st-party data that will not harm an organization's reputation. All data is stored locally on users' compliant 1st-party hosting solutions, and thus the data is owned from end to end.

2. Highly Functional FREEmium Version

In addition, there are three more cost-effective tiers and a fully customizable Enterprise-level package that can be built to specifications.

  • ‘COMMUNITY’: FREE - Open Source
  • ‘STARTER’: $49
  • ‘TEAM’: $99
  • ‘GROWTH’: $249
  • ‘ENTERPRISE’: $1000+

See the different package features here:

3. Compliant with GDPR

AesirX Analytics includes a locally hosted JavaScript solution that gathers and stores data legally and compliantly in accordance with GDPR and other regional legislation, including in-country and first-party storage of citizens' data.

4. Extensive Insights

Install and integrate AesirX Analytics with AesirX BI (Business Intelligence) to gain extensive insights into using visitor data for any effective and result-oriented digital marketing strategy built on a data-driven foundation.

gain extensive insights into using visitor data

5. Free Open Source PWA

AesirX Analytics is built on React/NPM, so now, 20 million JavaScript developers can access, change and use software that’s instantly legal and compliant.

6. Multi Site

Designed for easy integration into any existing website or application by simply adding the JavaScript locally (1st-party).

Visit the Roadmap for more details about upcoming features and benefits:

How it works

Step 1: Download the Open Source PWA package which you can self deploy and host.

Step 2: Set up the configuration in the NPM installer and Customize as you wish.

Step 3: Ensure that you have an active account on with the domain name registered and the configuration correctly filled out, and then we will automate the entire delivery through our AaaS.

js data collector is installed 1st partyJS Data Collector is installed 1st party

Prerequisites to install AesirX Analytics


Just 2 prerequisites are needed to install with NPM. Before installing AesirX Analytics, you only need to install GIT and download and install the node framework.

Shared Host

Only 3 prerequisites for a computer run build. Make sure the git and node versions have been installed on your local.

developers follow the link below for the install guideDevelopers: follow the link below for the Install Guide

Install Guides

Install guide NMP:

Install guide Shared Host:

Install guide AWS:

Install guide Azure:

Download on GitHub

Download AesirX Analytics on GitHub:

Developers Community on Telegram

Join the friendly “AesirX Community'' on Telegram and celebrate Free Open Software together.


DOWNLOAD Open Source AesirX Analytics for FREE via GitHub.

Find out how our 1st-party Analytics JS Collector tool will ethically gather your first-party business data insights. Visit AesirX Analytics for more information. Ltd.

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